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April 06 2016


Hua Hin Property Rentals

If you aren't looking to rent a house in Hua Hin, Thailand, then you will be either renting an apartment or condo. So what exactly is the difference? Well, an apartment can be a building belonging to a single entity in support of for rent, instead of a condominium which consists on many units that may be on the market or rent, by different owners.

I've found that Hua Hin apartments units also are usually larger and more spacious than condo units, simply because condominiums can be purchased for a profit, thus it is just natural how the developer attempts to squeeze as numerous units into one building. I guess here is the case anywhere on the world and condo units is only able to get smaller using the rising construction costs.

However, there exists a utility surcharge for all Hua Hin apartments which can be quite significant whenever you total that all up at the end of monthly. Electricity charges direct from your M.E.A. is 3.75 baht per unit and apartments often charge between 4 - 7 baht per unit with respect to the grade with the apartment and the facilities it gives you. Apartments usually charge a flat rate for water, around 1000 baht each month which is with regards to a 100% mark up in the actual rate.

For apartments, all maintenance and repair cost is within the rent, however with condos, according to your landlord, most private contracts stipulate how the tenant is in charge of everyday, minor repairs not exceeding 2000 baht each and every time.

The other thing many tenants are worried about gets broadband internet connected at home. ADSL in Thailand comes with the telephone line. There, if you have a line connected in your own home, it is possible to virtually get online. However, in case your rental unit is surely an older property, odds are your phone lines come in analog helping to make getting ADSL impossible. The only way around that would be put in a new, digital line yourself that is a pretty painless process and needs a week to become installed.

Just about all rental properties come internet ready - meaning there's a telephone line installed. Meaning, there exists a digital telephone line installed to easily submit an application for an ADSL account with any nearby ISP. For some reason, most of landlords choose the web connection to be made inside the tenant's name which is easily done. Internet expenditure is rarely included in the rent unless indicated specifically on our website or during final negotiations.

Exactly the same applies for long-stay apartments. Internet lines are connected when you move around in and disconnected when you move out, until someone else gets control the system. However, short stay serviced apartments really are a difference case. Since they operate like hotels, wireless internet is usually easily available when you check in and contained in the rental rates.

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